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Divorce Planning - My Story

I’ve experienced the effects of divorce throughout my life, starting with my parents’ divorce and then one of my own.  I understand the havoc it can wreak on your life not only emotionally, but also financially. 

I know firsthand how alone you feel and how your life can seem like it is no longer your own. I recognize the feeling of not caring what happens to you, but, more than anything, wanting to protect your children from the pain of divorce.


As a child of divorced parents, I vowed I would never get divorced, and then feeling like a failure when it happened to me. But I also remember vowing I would not live the rest of my life being miserable.

So I’m here to tell you that you can get your life back, and it can be bigger and better than ever before! I’ve walked in your shoes, and understand what you are going through. I want to be here to support you through this process. I’m here to help you stand up for yourself, even when you don’t feel you can. I can explain each step in the process and help you get through it. 


Finish Strong


During the divorce process, you may be required to report your income and expenses, and a list of your assets. Just getting through these initial steps can seem overwhelming, but I’m here to guide you through it, to make it simple and partner with you through the process. You’re not alone and you can finish strong!


As your Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, my job is to show you how the decisions you make during the divorce process can affect you financially, not only today, but 20 years from now.  Should I keep the house?  You emotionally want to keep the house, but the question becomes can you afford to keep the house?  Will it be detrimental to you to keep the house long-term?  


These emotionally charged questions are vitally important to you to answer correctly as they can make or break you financially.  Should I take more of the 401(k), or is it better to take half of the pension?  Why do I need child support and alimony?  What is the difference between the two?  My job is to support you through this process, and to help you understand the various financial components of divorce.  


I Am On Your Team


As your Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I can be a key component of your team to help you successfully get through the divorce process. I am not in competition with your attorney, but will work with your attorney in all the financial matters of your case. I can create the financial documents your attorney needs, complete with supporting documentation. If need be, I can also provide expert witness testimony in court regarding the financial matters of the case.


Whether it’s preparing financial statements or just helping you create a budget, I can be here for you through the entire divorce process. It is my goal to provide the objective guidance and education you need to come out financially confident and motivated to achieve your financial success!

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