Canyon Lake Divorce Financial Planning

Canyon Lake Divorce Financial Planning

Kimberly Surber is the best Canyon Lake Divorce Financial Planner. It is a community unique from any other. Just one of the only five gated cities in California, Canyon Lake in Riverside County was incorporated in December of 1990 and was developed as a master planned community by the Corona Land Company in 1968.

The city grew around the Lake which was originally formed in 1927 after Railroad Canyon Dam was built. Who would have thought that today, this area would be surrounded by many beautiful homes? Residents enjoy an incomparable quality of life with many amenities such as a golf course, an equestrian center, beaches, parks and a lodge. When it was developed, Canyon Lake was originally developed to be a weekend-retreat community. 


Today, however, it has become more than that. Residents include retirees but there are also a lot of young families, those wishing for a well secured place to live or people wishing for a change of residence. A growing job base, a good variety of housing options to choose from and excellent choice of schools make Canyon Lake an ideal place to call home and raise your children in.

With the ideal lifestyle Canyon Lake offers for you and your family, it would be hard to find a comparable place. However, a divorce can force you to leave it behind. Divorce can wreak havoc on your life, not only emotionally but also financially. In this confusing and chaotic period, you would like to protect your children from the pain of divorce above all else.


You may feel alone through this difficult transition. But you need not despair. Encore Divorce Planning offers Canyon Lake divorce financial planning services to people contemplating or are in the process of a divorce. A CDFA® can offer financial expertise to help people seize control of their lives during this time of uncertainty. 


How does a CDFA® help with Canyon Lake divorce financial planning?


Divorce is not only an emotional roller coaster, it could also be a drain on your finances. However, enlisting the help of a Financial planning professional early in the process can help lower legal costs and improve the chances of arriving at a mutually beneficial divorce settlement. The divorce settlement not only impacts the lives of the divorcing parties but also their children. 


It is therefore wise to get professional advice on financial issues such as child support, alimony and division of properties. A CDFA® can help you sort through your finances - income, expenses and assets. He can show how any decisions you make during the divorce process can affect you financially, not only in the days to come but many years down the road. 


By no means does a CDFA® replace a lawyer. Instead, he provides the client and his lawyer the right tools and information so they could present a divorce settlement fair to both divorcing parties. 


A divorce has the potential to bring about financial difficulty. However, through Kimberly Surber and Divorce Planning, offering people in Canyon Lake divorce financial planning services, it is possible to start anew and enjoy a financially secure life after divorce.



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