becoming a bachelor parent, becoming a single dad, becoming a single father, single parent finances

One of the most challenging transitions for a man is becoming a bachelor parent. Specific adjustments and feelings of pain that will come up include grief, anger, hurt, loneliness and loss of a partner parent. It can be a tough road.


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prepare for your divorce, preparing for divorce, what to do before getting divorced, divorce preparation tips, be ready for divorce

Are you really supposed to prepare for your divorce? Do people plan for a divorce? In a sense, yes. A marriage does not just end and divorce does not suddenly happen. It’s often a series of many unresolved issues that drive one partner or the other to decide to call it quits. 


When you see the signs that your partnership is heading for a split, it’s time to think of steps you can take so you’re not caught unprepared when the divorce actually happens. 


As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, I’m here to give you tips to help you prepare for your divorce so you just don’t survive it, you emerge empowered after.


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 how domestic violence affects divorce, domestic violence and divorce, is domestic violence grounds for divorce

Surprisingly, how domestic violence affects divorce can vary widely.  Often, when people read of domestic violence, they think of a woman with a blackeye, cuts, and bruises. But domestic violence has many faces, and both women AND men can be the victim. Although numbers do show that the majority of victims of domestic violence are still women.

If there’s domestic violence in a marriage, is it grounds for divorce? In this article, we discuss its repercussions and how domestic violence affects a divorce case.


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best time to divorce, when to divorce, how to have a smart divorce, when should I divorce, smartest way to divorce

Divorce does not happen overnight. Just as you don’t jump into marriage to make it right, getting out of it should also be a well-thought-out move. 


Because divorce is a long and detailed process that may take months or even longer, it’s important to take steps to lessen its emotional and financial impact on both partners and the family. 


When it comes to divorce and when to do it, timing is everything.


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top reasons marriages fail, top reasons for divorce, causes of divorces, causes of failed marriage, top problems in marriages

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but not everyone is lucky enough to stay married for a lifetime; here is the latest information on the top 7 reasons marriages fail.

A lasting, healthy marriage is something that couples have to work on every day, building a life together.

However, the work isn’t always fun; there comes a time you’ll face differences and say, “I love you, but I've fallen out of love with you” even though you’ve put a lot of effort into making it work.


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why women initiate divorce, why women divorce, reasons women divorce,  women and unhappy marriage

Since women are stereotypically the ones in a relationship who want to get married and settle down, the title of this article - why women initiate divorce more often than men - might have surprised you. If we were to go along these lines, we would also expect women to be more willing to stay in a marriage than terminate it. Surprisingly, statistics say otherwise.

With this surprising fact, the next question to ask is why women initiate divorce more than men.  While there are many factors that contribute to women filing for divorce, these are the main reasons


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lose custody for smoking weed, divorce and smoking weed, smoking weed and child custody, child custody and weed in California

Are you concerned you might lose custody for smoking weed?  Are you going through a divorce, are a smoker of weed, and planning to enter child custody proceedings? If so, it’s important to engage a competent lawyer. 

But wait, isn’t weed legal in California? The short answer is YES!


Despite it being legal to possess and consume the plant in California and some other states that have approved it, the DEA tells us that the substance is still considered federally illegal under the Substance 1 category. This means, anything handled in a Federal Court, such as a child custody case, will be subject to upholding the Federal Law. Read More.

social distancing and relationships, COVID-19 divorce, COVID-19 relationship strain, coronavirus and relationships, coronavirus relationship strain

To add to the vast number of other concerns, a lot of us have not spent time at home with our spouse as much as we’re doing during this crisis.


Things can get even more stressful if you and your spouse are not on the same page on how you should be practicing social distancing. COVID-19 putting a strain on your relationship is a very real possibility. 


What can cause a divide in a marriage during the COVID-19 pandemic? Read More.

Impacts of Divorce No One Tells You, effects of divorce, symptoms of divorce, results of divorce, what divorce causes

People have a stereotypical image of what divorce is like - drama in the courtroom, two ex-partners turned bitter adversaries and in the middle of it all, the kids as collateral damage. 


In reality, there may not be as much drama. However, it’s also much more complex than what most people have in mind. The aftermath of a divorce does not necessarily have to be all heartache. There can truly be golden nuggets of wisdom you can take with you after all the dust of divorce has settled. Read More.

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