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Divorce help s always welcome while going through the process. Divorce is chaotic, stressful and can be overwhelming.  It’s during this time you are at your most vulnerable state.


Things might seem pretty overwhelming and out of control and  yet, you are asked to make important financial decisions that you may not be emotionally able to fathom. That can be quite disastrous.


As your Certified Divorce Financial Analyst when you need divorce help near me, I can help you make wise financial decisions. The end goal is to establish a financially stable environment for you and your family.

What Kim Surber Can Do For You

In this very trying period, hiring a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) could prove to be an excellent decision. As your CDFA, my job is to provide guidance and information to help you understand the impact of your decisions and how they will affect your future when you need divorce help near me.

Protecting Your Finances During Divorce

The whole process of divorce can drive you to your wits end, and separation is just the start of your problems. It gets a little bit more complicated when you finally have to deal with and disentangle from friends, extended families, possessions, finances, and insurance.

You won’t have to worry because I’ll be guiding every step of the way, offering divorce help near me.


In order to thrive post divorce, it’s important to keep your composure. You can protect yourself by knowing:

  • What assets you have,

  • What you want to keep

  • What you are willing to give up or compromise.


As your CDFA, I can help you sort out your financial concerns. Here are the general things you can do to protect yourself during the divorce:


1. Know what you have and keep records with copies - Financial statements, tax returns, wills, loan applications, car registrations, credit card statements or insurance policies are crucial. They will serve as proof of separate property, income and inheritance or family gifts.


2. Document valuables that you may have around the house - Photograph valuable items such as artwork, jewelry, cars and antiques. These will become useful in difficult divorces, when one spouse might try to hide assets.


3. Keep your half in mind - Half of what you acquired in marriage is yours. This holds true for property that was acquired during the marriage, but for tax purposes, or some other reason, may have been put in the name of just one spouse.


4. Be practical - Retaining your house may prove to be financially burdensome in the long run, so it’s important to consider the cost to keep it. If it isn’t viable, you may want to consider selling sell it.


Other things to consider to protect yourself:


1. Beneficiaries. You can modify the beneficiaries listed on your investment accounts, insurance policies and bank accounts. If your spouse is a beneficiary, changing this would be important.


2. Credit Card Debt. Credit card debt acquired during the marriage will be split, but it will be wise to close all joint accounts. If that isn’t possible, have your name removed from the accounts. This way, you won’t be responsible for any charges that may be incurred  on the accounts.


3. Mortgage Debt. Again, carefully consider whether or not you should sell your home. If you decide to keep the house and are granted ownership, refinance and update the title in order to formally and legally claim sole ownership.


If not, have your name removed from the title and stipulate in the divorce settlement that the home will be under your ex-spouse’s ownership. This will protect you when your ex-spouse decides to default on mortgage payments.

Divorce and Insurance

Divorce will affect you financially one way or another, so your children and assets are the things you should prioritize. Your problems will only get more complicated once you  have to deal with other things such as disentangling from friends, extended families, possessions, finances and, yes, insurance too


How Divorce Can Affect Your Insurance Needs

Insurance is among the financial items you need to consider during a divorce. Your coverage and insurance requirements are bound to change significantly, especially if you have children.


The appropriate protections should always be in place as you allocate possessions with Kim Surber’s divorce help near me.


Review Designated Beneficiaries.

When you married, your spouse became your beneficiary on your will, life insurance policy, IRA and 401(k). It is wise that these documents should be reviewed and changed during the divorce proceedings.


I would strongly recommend that you consider changing your trustees and power of attorney, especially if you divorce later in life. Not doing so may present future roadblocks.


Here are the items you should review during the divorce process:


  • Automobile Insurance

  • Home Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Life Insurance


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