Divorce Planning For Attorneys

Divorce Planning For Attorneys

Divorce Planning For Attorneys and Their Clients


During the difficult divorce settlement process, what is often missing is financial expertise. This is what I can provide for you and your clients. 


I am a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst  who can assist you during the process by protecting and upholding your client’s financial interests.

My goal is to help you secure the best settlement possible for your clients by coupling my financial planning expertise with our combined understanding of divorce and taxation laws.   


I will formulate a comprehensive financial strategy for clients that can include developing detailed household budgets, tax and investment advice. I will educate your clients on financial ramifications of different divorce settlement options, including tax liabilities and benefits.


With a clearer view of their future, your clients can negotiate for a divorce settlement that will fully address their immediate financial needs and avoid long-term financial difficulties.

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, here is what I offer:

Fighting Over Assets


  • Pre-Divorce investigation, information gathering and fact finding


  • Help in educating your client on the difference between personal and marital property


  • Analysis of client’s lifestyle


  • Collation, organization and analysis of financial data gathered


  • Preparation of financial reports (statement of net worth, etc)


  • Development of a realistic budget


  • Estimation of client’s immediate needs

Divorce Settlement Analysis

  • Review and analysis of proposed terms of divorce settlements and division of property


  • Spousal Support and Child Support Alternatives Analysis


  • Presentation of alternative financial scenarios


  • Analysis of long-term cash flow and net worth


  • Proposal of alternate settlement options


  • Creation of a workable budget for clients as they move through the divorce process and their life after


  • Education of clients on how their assets can impact their lives (tax implications for example)

CFDA Attorney Assistance

The divorce settlement process is complicated and can wear down your client. However, having an expert Certified Divorce Financial Analyst  assist you assist them will keep them confident during this difficult period. Further, I can provide expert witness testimony should the case go to court. 


Hiring a CDFA®  to handle the financial details will allow you to focus on your client and avoid costly financial errors.  

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