Divorce Planning For Clients

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Divorce is chaotic, stressful and overwhelming, and most of the time your life feels out of control.


But surviving a divorce is not enough; you must also strive to create a peaceful environment with financial stability for yourself and your family. 


It is during this time you are asked to make incredibly important financial decisions that you may not be emotionally able to comprehend.


As your Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I can help you move from just surviving to truly thriving!

What Kimberly Surber Divorce Planning can offer you

  • ​Assistance in completing your financial statements – listing income, expenses and all assets/property, which will be required by the courts.


  • Identify what insurance or work-related benefits you currently have, what you may be losing and how to get them on your own.


  • Develop a budget to live on before and after the divorce is final.


  • Provide an understanding of how child support and spousal support works.


  • Understanding your largest asset, the home, and what the mortgage and equity could mean to you in the divorce.


  • Provide guidance on retirement accounts.


  • Assisting in understanding the financial ramifications in your settlements.


  • Propose alternative settlement options.


  • Act as an expert witness with regards to financial issues in a divorce case if it goes to trial.

Footsteps to financial security

Understand The Impact of Your Settlement Options

Settlements negotiated as part of divorce proceedings can impact you and your family for years... even decades. Having experienced a divorce myself, I am in a unique position to help others through this process, understanding the financial uncertainty and how important every decision can be. Just because you have a career and a life does not mean you do not feel lost in the process.

By taking a holistic approach when working with my clients, I can help you create a new life for yourself. As your financial advocate during these difficult times, I can be the support you need to make tough decisions in the settlement process, in handling your debt, in asset division and in making sure you have what you need to stand strong for your family. 

With specialized software, I can show you what impact your financial decisions could have. Each graphic report generated will show how your settlement offers may affect you financially, both currently and in the future. 

Assistance will be provided in presenting alternative financial scenarios that will empower you and your attorney to achieve the best settlements possible. The knowledge and understanding you gain from these reports will encourage meaningful conversation between the divorcing parties, which facilitate settlements and help avoid court trials, dramatically reducing the cost of divorce.

You have the rest of your life in front of you. What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? What’s your life’s vision? With my help, you will develop the source of strength you need to form a vision for building and fulfilling a happy life. Let’s work together to create something meaningful!

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