Escondido Divorce Financial Planning

Escondido Divorce Financial Planning

Kimberly Surber is the best Escondido Divorce Financial Planner. Nestled in a shallow valley amidst rocky hills on the Northern San Diego county, Escondido is one of its oldest city having been incorporated in 1888. It’s name is Spanish for “hidden”. It was a Spanish explorer named Juan Bautista de Anza who first identified the area now known as Escondido. In 1834, a land grant was given by the Mexican government to Juan Bautista Alvarado and it became part of the Rancho Rincon del Diablo. Some forty years later, in 1886, the Escondido Land and Title Company was able to acquire the land grant. It laid the foundation of the townsite and the valley was divided into small grape and citrus farms.

From that beginning, the city has grown into a vibrant community that offers the best of both worlds - big city vibes tempered with small town friendliness. It has adopted the motto “City of Choice” and many people coming from varied income levels call Escondido their home. It is both senior and kid friendly with the city garnering an award from Money Magazine as The Best City in the West in which to retire but was also voted as a Kid-Friendly city for its many programs for the youth. 

The lifestyle that Escondido offers is hard to beat but it can be disrupted by a life changing event such as a divorce. No one can truly prepare for a divorce but you can certainly do something to minimize its devastating effect on your family, especially on your children. 


Divorce can bring lot of chaos in its midst. Through this difficult process, you may feel abandoned and that you’ve lost control of your life. I certainly could not blame you. However, know that you can regain control financially through the help of Kimberly Surber and Divorce Planning. We offer help with Escondido divorce financial planning during this difficult transition. A CDFA® can offer financial expertise to help you take charge of your life and look forward to a better future after divorce.


How does a CDFA® help with Escondido divorce financial planning?


During the divorce process, you would have to go through the difficult task of reporting your income and expenses, and a list of your assets. When things seem to be happening all at the same time, this can be overwhelming. But together, we can go through the process. Any financial decisions you make during this critical period can affect you and your children not only today but 20 years down the line. 


I can help you understand the various financial components of divorce. Decisions on such matters as the 401(k) or the pension or child support and alimony can make or break you financially. My job is to support you through this difficult decision making process.


You can feel defeated by divorce but you also have the choice to plan to succeed. With the help of Kimberly Surber Divorce Planning, we can guide you in Escondido divorce financial planning so you can look forward to a financially strong and stable future after divorce.



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