Fallbrook Divorce Financial Planning

Fallbrook Divorce financal Planning

Kimberly Surber is the best Fallbrook Divorce Financial Planner. Hidden in the hills on Inland San Diego, Fallbrook is a small town that has retained its rural charm. It was first settled in 1869 by the Reche family who named the place after their old homestead in Fall Brook, Pennsylvania. Today, residents are a mix of farmers, retirees and small businessmen.

For a long time, it remained relatively unknown until it became a center for agriculture. It was renowned for citrus but today, it is known as the Avocado capital of the world due to the many groves of avocados in the area. In 1962, they held the first Avocado Festival which attracted a crowd of 5,000. By 1967, festival attendance has swollen to 10,000 and today attracts up to 100,000 people on a single day. 

Aside from its agriculture attractions, Fallbrook is known for its vibrant art scene with art shows by nationally known artists. And because of its relatively unspoiled surroundings with exceptional climate, many visitors come to hike and bike its many miles of trails.


If you value a quiet life in a small, friendly community, Fallbrook may be your family’s sanctuary from the more bustling life outside. However, a divorce may disturb this peace. This devastating event could irreversibly change the life that you and your family have grown accustomed to in Fallbrook. If this happens to you, the foremost thing on your mind is to protect your children from the pain of divorce. You can make it less of an ordeal by gaining financial empowerment. If you are in a process of a divorce or are contemplating one, get Fallbrook divorce financial planning advice from Encore Divorce Planning. 


How can Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ® assist with Fallbrook divorce financial planning?


Divorce can bring overwhelming change in your life and it could be chaotic and stressful. It would not be surprising to feel that your life has spun out of control. A CDFA ® can help you create a more peaceful environment for yourself and your family by helping you achieve financial stability. 


The divorce process can get pretty expensive. However, getting help with pre-divorce financial planning can lower legal costs and can help you and lawyer craft a divorce settlement that would be beneficial for both parties involved. Enlisting professional financial advice on matters as child support, alimony and division of properties can spell a big difference to your financial status after divorce. 


A CDFA® will be able to help you sort through your finances - income, expenses and assets. You see, any decision you make regarding these during the divorce process can affect your financial future, not shortly after divorce but many years down the road.


It is possible to take control of your life - not only during the difficult divorce process but beyond. Encore Divorce Planning can help you with Fallbrook divorce financial planning so you don’t just survive divorce but let your future thrive!



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