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Divorce And Bankruptcy

Divorce and Bankruptcy 


It has been suggested that many of the people who file for bankruptcy experience job loss or medical hardship during divorce.


One of the leading of the leading reasons cited for bankruptcy filing is financial stress due to divorce.


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Divorce And Hidden Assets

Divorce and Hidden Assets


Divorce and hidden assets go hand in hand more often than you think.


Divorce is an emotionally charged and stressful time.


When the life you have built with your soon to be spouse is no more and your financial future is at stake, it is important to ensure that your and your spouse’s assets are divided properly.

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The Internet has brought about many changes to modern society.


Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media and professional networking websites and smartphone applications have become an important part of how people interact in today’s culture.


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Divorce In The Military



Military divorce, is defined as a divorce where one of the parties (the "service member") is active duty military, reserve or guard, or retired military.


If you are in the military or have a military spouse, there are some additional factors that can affect your divorce that the typical civilian couple will not have to address.


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Why your Own Divorce Financial Advisor

Should You Retain Your Ex’s Financial Adviser?


If you already have a financial adviser, one that you and your (soon to be ex) spouse have consulted, you may want to consider “divorcing” the “old financial advisor” as well.


Why? For the most obvious of reasons -- conflict of interest. 



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Why A Divorce Financial Advisor-2

Why A Divorce Financial Planner

“Forewarned is Forearmed”


If you are reading this while contemplating divorce, then your timing is perfect.


Read on to know how you can best protect yourself as you go through this difficult period.



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Divorce and Estate Planning

Divorce and Estate Planning


It can happen to anybody and when the life you have built falls apart due to a divorce, it can be traumatic.


It means giving up on the life you used to know - family life, the home you shared with your spouse, financial security - even the very dreams that you held close to your heart. 

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It can happen to the best of entrepreneurs. While a new business owner is putting in long hours to build a business, a marriage can fray.


The next thing the owner knows, his or her spouse may be filing for divorce. 



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Divorce and Premarital Agreements



Marriage is not only a romantic relationship, but also a kind of a business relationship.


For those getting newly married, this is a hard concept to swallow, but nonetheless it is true. 



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Divorce and Pets



When a married couple divorces, the question of who gets to keep the pets often arises.


You may view your dog or cat as a member of the family, but in the eyes of the law, your pet is personal property; they are really no different than the cars, the home, or the TV.


Whereas the laws are designed to protect the best interests of human children in divorce (allowing for shared custody, visitation, and alimony), the laws for pets are intended to benefit the owner instead.

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