Divorce and social security

Divorce can be a stressful and scary process and it is important to understand how your finances will be impacted immediately as well as in the future.


Regardless of your or your spouse's age, social security is something you want to be sure you take into consideration and understand how divorce and social security works.  



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Financial Disclosure During Divorce

Disclosure of information and documents relative to assets as well as liabilities is a typical issue that arises in every divorce case.   


In many states, like California, spouses have fiduciary duties to one another.  


A Fiduciary relationship is one that mandates the highest duty of “good faith” and “fair dealing”.  

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Top 3 divorce expenses

Divorce is expensive, no doubt about it. Perhaps the biggest cost of divorce is its devastating emotional effect on the family.  


You are left angry and grieving for the life and relationship you lost and the kids are left hurting emotionally as well.

However, equally damaging is divorce’s effect on finances.  

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Divorce And Taxes

If you’re recently divorced or divorcing, taxes might be at the very back of your mind.


Yet, they will impact your wallet heavily now more than ever before.  


As of January 2019, new tax laws will be enacted and will impact couples who decide to call it quits.

Under the new tax bill, alimony payments will no longer be....  

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4 Major Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

Yes, the title of this article is 4 major divorce mistakes to avoid.  

And I know your reaction is “really… are you sure there are only 4?”

Divorce is a long, involved process that is emotionally and financially draining.


The challenges along the way can be daunting and many people find it easier to agree to any terms presented to them...

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Moving out during divorce

Moving Out During Divorce

Relocating, for whatever reason, is complicated enough as it is.  


However, the steps you take and the choices you make, when moving during a divorce, can impact your financial situation.


Therefore, judicious planning for this all important move is essential.

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Divorce Tips For The Holidays

The Holidays are coming. Yes, it’s that time of the year again and people are starting to fill every street corner and mall, and the season feels nostalgic everywhere you turn.

The holiday season is also the hardest to get through during or after a divorce.


With everyone else around you meeting-up for coffee, exchanging gifts and party after party, it is inevitable to feel lonely and sad.  Read More.

Contemplating Divorce 7 Important Question

Contemplating Divorce? 7 Important Questions To Consider


As you contemplate divorce, there are 7 important questions you should consider. Why?


The financial decisions you make as you contemplate or undergo divorce have an impact on the rest of your life.


These decisions can mean the difference between ....

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How Much Alimony Is Enough

When a marriage ends, most divorcing couples acknowledge that a certain amount of spousal maintenance or alimony is needed.


But how much is enough? And how long should it be given?


When Michael Douglas divorced, his ex-wife emerged $45 million richer and was also entitled to any future earnings on things he worked on during their marriage.   

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Divorce and The Stay At Home wife

Often, the decision to have the wife stay at home is made consciously by a couple.


This decision is dictated by several factors, among them, the increasing cost of child care, stress of managing the home and a career, and sometimes, simply because “it’s better for the family”.


But what happens when the couple decides to divorce?  


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