Financial Infidelity

Marital infidelity is undoubtedly the most common reason why couples break up, but it turns out there is a more alarming form of betrayal that is as damaging as an extramarital affair in a marriage.  

Financial infidelity is on the rise, with 41% of adults surveyed in America admitting to doing so, according to a study commissioned by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE). Read More.

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Divorce Womenm Stop The Guilt

It's human nature to feel bad if you think that you let someone down or made them upset. But guilt isn’t something we’re supposed to wallow in for long.  For the longest time women have been made to feel guilty or shameful in everyday situations. 


We are made to overthink and underplay almost every aspect of the way we live.  From being too assertive to being too nice, society has a way of making us feel like everything we do is wrong. Read More.

Rebound relationships and divorce

The end of a marriage is rough. Spending many years with someone, then suddenly finding yourself divorced and single is a major life change. 


Some people take this time to 

reflect and grow, to slowly adjust to being single again.


There are those, however, who jump right back in and start a new romantic relationship...


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Divorce Holiday Survival Guide

Recovering from any sort of loss or heartache can be especially difficult around the holidays.


For many of us, the holidays can feel dark, lonely, and stressful — especially if we are going through divorce and holiday dread.

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dating during divorce

Rejected, hurt, disappointed, betrayed; these are some of the worst feelings one can ever imagine; all felt when you are going through divorce.  

It is common for anyone going through divorce to feel the need to belong to someone again and feel loved and valued.


This is one of the reasons why dating becomes very tempting during the divorce period.


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protecting your credit during divorce

It is often said of divorce - it is an emotional roller coaster. 


It doesn’t matter whether it is an amicable parting of ways or an all out war, divorce will always be difficult. 

It can also be financially debilitating.

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prepare for your divorce trial

Going through a divorce can weaken you financially and exhaust you emotionally. 


Divorce is one of the most profoundly painful and life-altering events you may experience.  

Usually, if mediation is not an option, both sides will, with the help of their attorneys, attempt to settle things without going through a trial.


However...   Read More.

wedding rings after divorce

Whether you initiated the divorce or it caught you completely unaware; whether you would be happy if you never saw your ex again, or still harbor intense feelings for him, the ring is a binding tie that isn’t doing you any good.  


In fact, it could be weighing you down emotionally and acting as a bar to you moving forward and embracing your new life. 


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Regardless of your role in a divorce - the initiator or the recipient, it will never be a walk in the park.  


Divorce is difficult and can sometimes be convoluted.  And it is certainly painful.  


Because divorce is such an emotionally charged experience, actions can be dictated by hurt feelings and decisions can be clouded .... 


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late life divorce

Starting in the early 1990’s, there has been a overall downward trend in the divorce rate.  


In 1992, the figure was at 4.8 divorces per 1,000 population. By 2016, this figure has dropped further to 3.2 divorces.


This change in trend may largely be attributed to millennials and their decision to marry later when careers and finances have become more stable.   However..


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