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Pension and Divorce



If you are going through divorce, it is crucial that you do not neglect how you or your spouse’s retirement assets are divided.


An individual’s retirement accounts, typically a pension, a 401k and/or an IRA (individual retirement account), may be his or her largest asset.


When a couple divorces...  

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Job Loss and child support

How Does Job Loss Affect Child Support?


For divorced parents, losing a job does not mean child support will be null and void, and amounts in arrears must still be paid.


Additionally, declaring bankruptcy does not affect court-ordered child support. This is good news for the child, but maybe not so much for the parent without a job.  

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Divorce and College Tuition

Divorce and Funding Your Child’s College Education


Regardless of your child’s age when divorcing, one of the important issues to consider is your child’s college education and how it will be paid for.


Are divorced parents legally obligated to pay their child’s college tuition? ​


Here are a few basic pointers to keep in mind... 

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Divorce and Insurance



We all think that it will never happen to us, but relationships sometimes fail.


Usually children and assets are the first things considered when divorcing.


Whatever the reason for the divorce, a divorce is never easy. 



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How does child support work

Child Support Impacts You and Your Child


During the early 2000’s, statistics reveal that nearly half of all marriages ended in a divorce. There are indications, though, that that divorce rates are declining.


If trends continue, some studies indicate that things are looking up with roughly just 1/3 marriages likely to end up in a divorce.

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Steps during Divorce

This is a continuation of the article last week on division of property and debt during divorce.


The article last week discussed the laws and how division of property and debt is determined.


This week, we concentrate on steps you can take to protect yourself financially during divorce.

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Property and debt division

The dissolution of a marriage is never easy. Divorce not only has deep emotional and psychological impact, but its financial ramifications can dictate how the future plays out for both people involved.  


Dividing the family’s property during divorce can be quite complicated.

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entitled to spousal support

Regardless of the circumstances, divorce is an emotional and painfully difficult process that most people want to be over with as quickly as possible.


Divorce can also be full of financial battles involving issues such as child support, division of assets and spousal support. 


What is spousal support? What is alimony?

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5 Divorce Tips For Women

If you are seriously considering divorce, finances are important.


These financial divorce tips will help you determine your net worth as a married couple and help you get an idea of where you'll individually stand financially after divorce. 


1. Copy Your Records. Gather all of the documents pertaining to your assets and liabilities. 

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5 More Divorce Tips

This is Part 2 of the article we published last week on 5 Crucial Divorce Financial Tips. 


Here are 5 more important tips to help you prepare for a wonderful future.


1.  Ensure Your Income Will Continue. In many cases people try to keep the marital house for the sake of the children, but that might not be the best solution for their financial stability. 

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