Menifee Divorce Financial Planning

Menifee Divorce Financial Planning

Kimberly Surber is the best Menifee Divorce Financial Planner. The earliest housing development in Menifee was in Sun City in 1960. It was designed as a retirement community. In 1989, the city experienced further growth when the master planned community of Menifee Lakes was established. In 2008, the residents of the communities of Sun City, Quail Valley and portions of Romoland voted to incorporate and on Oct 1, 2008 became Riverside County’s 26th city. 

Today, the city continues to develop and is considered one of the fastest growing communities in California. It attracts residents from the Inland Empire and Los Angeles because of new home construction that are close to parks and lakes, and which offer exceptional amenities. Menifee gives residents a wide variety of choices in terms of the kind of lifestyle they wish to pursue - semi-rural living in Quail Valley, for instance or a good residential-commercial mix in Romoland. Compared to other comparable areas in Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California, cost of living and housing remain relatively affordable in Menifee. 

Regardless of where you have chosen to settle in Menifee, a divorce can disrupt the life that you have grown accustomed to. The financial ramifications of a divorce have the potential to change the family’s lifestyle. And the effects could be devastating. 


However, this need not be the scenario. Encore Divorce Planning offers Canyon Lake divorce financial planning services to people contemplating or are in the process of a divorce. A CDFA® can offer financial expertise to help people make a successful transition to a new life. 


How does a CDFA® help with Menifee divorce financial planning?


The process of a divorce can be a drain - both on the emotions and the finances. Bottom line, it could get pretty expensive. Enlisting professional help with pre-divorce financial planning can help lower legal costs and improve the chances of arriving at a mutually beneficial divorce settlement. 


Because a divorce settlement not only impacts the lives of the parties involved short term but has the potential to affect their financial stability long term, it is important to get professional advice on financial issues such as child and spousal support, and division of property and retirement assets. 


The divorce process is an undeniably difficult experience. Enlisting the help of a CDFA early on can make it less so. Through the guidance of a Menifee divorce financial planning professional, a person going through a divorce can focus on making a more realistic assessment of his or her financial state and formulating both short term and long term goals. 


The client and his lawyer are given the right tools and information to draw up a divorce settlement that would be fair to the divorcing parties. A divorce signals the end to a life one has known. However, through Kimberly Surber and Divorce Planning, offering people in Menifee divorce financial planning services, it is possible to start anew and enjoy a financially secure life after divorce.



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