Murrieta Divorce and Finances

Murrieta Divorce and Finances

Murrieta Divorce and Finances - Help And Information

Going through divorce is hard, and it gets more difficult if you put your finances into the equation.  On top of the emotional stress, you’ll be required to make difficult, often crucial, financial decisions that will impact your future; decisions you don’t even reall want to think about.


You don’t have to go through this alone, because I’m here to help. Kimberly Surber at your service!


As your Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I can help you thrive and build a financially stable environment for yourself and your family. I’ll help you get back on your feet; wiser and stronger.

Murrieta Divorce and Finances - What Kim Surber Can Do For You 

In this emotionally difficult time, hiring a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) can make your life easier as you go through this process.

With my services, I’ll be guiding you all throughout the procedures, and I’ll also be sharing information that will help you make wiser financial decisions that can positively impact your future.

As your Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, my top priority is to help my clients thrive financially. In this business relationship, you are the boss and I will always keep your best interest at heart.


My job is to make this process as smooth as possible and help both you and your attorney review all the viable options you at your disposal and help you understand the impact of your decisions and how they can affect your future.

Divorce and Insurance

If you do decide to go forward with the divorce proceedings, your children and assets should be your top priorities.


Don’t get distracted by well-meaning but unknowledgeable friends and extended family members.  Focus on your family, possessions, finances, and of course insurance.


How Divorce Can Affect Your Insurance Needs

Insurance is essential as it protects your most important assets and that includes your life. There are financial items that you'll need to consider and review during a divorce.


Your family’s setup will be changing, so your coverage and insurance requirements are also bound to change significantly.


You'll want to secure the appropriate protections as you allocate possessions. It's important to have all the necessary procedures done immediately while you are still covered.


Review Designated Beneficiaries

It’s common for spouses to list each other as beneficiaries on their wills, life insurance policies, IRAs, and 401(k)s.  But once you go through the process of divorce, this should definitely change.


It is highly encouraged that these documents should be reviewed and modified. You should also consider changing your trustees and powers of attorney, especially when your decision about divorce is final.


Here are the items you should review during the divorce process:

  • Automobile Insurance

  • Home Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Life Insurance

Protecting Your Finances During Divorce

It is during divorce proceedings that your finances are at their most vulnerable state, so it’s crucial to take the necessary precautions while you still have the chance.


You never know what your ex-spouse might do if your finances aren’t protected. As your CFDA, I’ll do everything I can to help you through these difficult tasks.   


You can protect yourself by knowing:


  • What assets you have, and what their worth is

  • What you want to keep, and

  • What you are willing to give up or compromise.

Murrieta Divorce and Finances - Looking Out For Your Financial Interests


In the whole process of divorce, your financial planner should be the first person you call. At the latest, it should be done in the earliest stages of the divorce proceedings.


This way, your CDFA would be able to equip you with the best financial strategies when it comes to the divorce settlement process.


As your CFDA, here are some of the things I can do for you:

  • Provide an understanding of how child support and spousal support works.


  • Help you understand your largest asset, the home, and what the mortgage and equity could mean to you in the divorce.


  • Assistance in completing your financial statements – listing income, expenses and all assets/property, which will be required by the courts.


  • Help you understand the financial ramifications of your settlements.


  • Draft and propose alternative settlement options.


  • Identify what insurance or work-related benefits you currently have and what you may be losing and how to get them on your own.


  • Develop a budget to live on before and after the divorce is final.


  • Provide guidance on retirement accounts.


Despite the wide scope of my job description, you should understand that CFDAs are not in a position to hand out legal advice.  We are not attorneys, so giving legal advice is way beyond our profession.


It’s my job to give you proper financial guidance, while it’s your attorney’s role to provide you helpful legal advice.  Neither one of us has the knowledge to do both.


Once you have the proper information, and have made your financial decisions, then it is your attorney’s job to ensure it is all documented properly in your divorce settlement papers. As you go through divorce, it is highly recommended that you have a CFDA and an attorney on your team.

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