Murrieta Divorce Financial Planning

Murrieta Divorce Financial Planning

Kimberly Surber is the best Murrieta Divorce Financial Planner. The city of Murrieta has adopted the motto “The Future of Southern California”. And the future is indeed bright for this city. It is a young city, having just been incorporated in 1991. Thanks to its mild climate, proximity to San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, and a robust economy with a growing base of retail and office firms, Murrieta is one of Southern California’s fastest growing cities. 

It is a family-oriented community boasting of many beautiful parks and amenities, an array of retail plazas and a good variety of housing choices. It is not far from beaches, mountains and the desert. The city has consistently ranked as one of the top 5 safest in the United States, has an exceptional school system and boasts of excellent health care facilities with two full-service hospitals and numerous local healthcare providers. 

It is a place to have a life well lived - in an ideal world. But what happens in case of a divorce? This devastating event could irreversibly change the life that one has grown accustomed to in Murrieta. However, the divorce process can be made less of an ordeal by getting financial help early from Encore Divorce Planning. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ® can help people contemplating this change by offering Murrieta divorce financial planning services.


How can a CDFA® assist with Murrieta divorce financial planning?


The divorce process is not only emotionally draining, it could get pretty expensive. Pre-divorce financial planning can lower legal costs and improve the chances of arriving at a workable divorce settlement that is mutually beneficial. A CDFA® can offer assistance in assessing a client’s present financial state - current income, assets owned, insurance, retirement plans, etc. From this starting point, he and his client can work on setting realistic short term and long term goals. This is helpful in arriving at a divorce settlement that would have a positive impact on a client’s financial future. 


A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® does not aim to replace a lawyer, however. The professional’s role is to provide financial expertise and give a lawyer the tools to represent a client successfully. A CDFA provides valuable input on financial issues pertaining to divorce such as tax consequences, division of assets - including retirement assets and properties, spousal maintenance and child support and much more. 


A divorce can be catastrophic and could potentially cause a downgrade of lifestyle standards. However, through Kimberly Surber and Divorce Planning, offering people in Murrieta divorce financial planning services, it is possible to start anew and enjoy a financially secure life after divorce.



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