Wildomar Divorce Financial Planning

Wildomar Divorce Financial Planning

Kimberly Surber is the best Wildomar divorce financial planner.Wildomar is a fast growing community nestled in a valley with a mountain range on the west and the rolling hills to the east. Neighbors with Temecula, Murrieta and Lake Elsinore, Wildomar is a fairly young city having just been incorporated in July of 2008. It is a community which offers both rural charm and urban vibrancy. To its residents, it offers an exceptional quality of life. There are places where generations of families have been born and raised. This very sense of home is what makes people want to call Wildomar home.

Wildomar is very family oriented - it has numerous parks for playing and sports events. It hosts other planned activities for kids. With Lake Elsinore only 10 miles away, residents get to enjoy activities such as boating, swimming, jet skiing and fishing. For people who value an active lifestyle with the family, Wildomar is an exceptional place to live in.


If a divorce threatens the life that you’ve built in Wildomar, you would want to be able to maintain the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to.

More importantly, you would like to protect your children from the pain of divorce above all else.

Divorce can be confusing and chaotic. Through this difficult process, it is possible to feel abandoned and you may feel you’ve lost control of your life. However, know that you can empower yourself financially through the help of Encore Divorce Planning. We offer assistance with Wildomar divorce financial planning during this challenging period in your life. A CDFA® can offer financial expertise to help you take charge of your life during this transition period.


How does a CDFA® help with Wildomar divorce financial planning?


In these trying times, lessening the financial impact of the divorce on your life and your children’s lives would be foremost priority. Divorce can certainly cause a drain on your finances. But this can be lessened by having a CDFA® assist you early in the process. This can lower legal costs and at the same time improve your chances of arriving at a more amicable divorce settlement. 


A professional can help you sort through the often complicated financial matters - income, expenses and assets. He can help formulate scenarios on how certain decisions about these can affect you financially, not only during the divorce process but in the years to come. 


Through the help of a CDFA® who can advise you on such matters as child support, alimony and division of properties and assets, your lawyer can craft a divorce settlement that would ensure your financial stability after divorce.


A divorce may signal an end to the life that you once had. However, it need not be the end of everything. Through judicious Wildomar divorce financial planning, using Kimberly Surber for Divorce Planning, you can establish a life financially strong and stable after your divorce.



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